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Galv-Alum Ramp Specification



Meets ADA Requirements
California Building Code 2007
 International Building Code 2006
 Division of State Architects P.C. # 109224


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2.2        All components shall be universal so that a ramp system can be relocated and assembled into many different configurations.
2.3        All exposed surfaces shall be smooth and free of sharp or jagged edges.
2.4        Warranty:  TMP Services, Inc. warrants its products to be free from defects in material and workmanship in the course of manufacturing for a period of one year beginning at date of delivery of product.  This warranty excludes any defects resulting from abnormal use in installation, service, accidental or intentional damage or any occurrences beyond the manufacturer’s control.


3.1        RAMP SECTIONS

3.1.1     Engineering
a.   Ramp Sections shall be designed for a minimum uniform live load of 100 pounds per square foot and a concentrated vertical load of 300 pounds distributed uniformly over an area of 1 square foot.
3.1.2     Materials
a.   Aluminum Planking 6063 – T5
b.   Aluminum Framing 1 ½ x 1 ½” x 2” .125 c-channel
c.   Ramp sections shall be prefabricated in typical 6’ or less lengths.
d.   Custom lengths shall be fabricated as requested.
e.   All ramp sections shall be designed for minimum 4” to maximum 60” height.
f.    Ramp walking surface width shall be: 48” minimum inside to inside measurement. The walking surface of the ramp shall be continuous, without gaps, non-skid shall be in all directions.
g.   All ramp sections shall have a wheelchair guard 3” + or – 1” from decking surface.
3.2        LANDINGS

3.2.1     Engineering
a.  Landings shall be designed for a minimum uniform live load of 100 pounds per square foot and a concentrated vertical load of 300 pounds distributed uniformly over an area of 1 square foot.
3.2.2     Materials
a.  Aluminum Planking 6063 –T5
b.  Aluminum Framing 1 ½”x1 ½” x 2’ .125
3.2.3     Design
a.  Landings shall be prefabricated in typical 5’x 5’ or 5’x 6’6” sections. Larger sizes will be fabricated as required by local codes and for specific applications as indicated on drawings.
b.  Landings shall be designed for adjustment minimum 4” to maximum 60” heights.
c.  The walking surface of the landing shall be continuous, without gaps, Knurled, or cross-hatched, Non skid in all directions.

3.3        LEGS

3.3.1     Engineering
a.  The legs shall be designed to support the ramp and landing sections.
3.3.2     Materials
a.  Legs shall be all galvanized steel construction, minimum 16 gauge.
b.  All fasteners shall be ASTM A307.
3.3.3     Design
a.  The legs shall telescope into the ramps and landings and shall allow for height and slope adjustments. The legs shall be designed to be independent
each side, to allow for adjustment without additional foundation systems, AND NOT PROTRUDE OUTSIDE THE FOOTPRINT OF THE WALKING SURFACE, eliminating tripping hazards.
b  All legs shall be through bolted using ASTM A307.
c. All legs shall have 12 gauge 3”x3” pads.


3.4.1     Engineering
a.  Guardrails and handrails shall be designed and constructed for a concentrated load of 200 pounds applied at any point and in any direction at the top of the handrail or guardrail.
b.  Handrails and guardrails shall be designed and constructed for a load of 50 pounds per linear foot applied horizontally at the required guardrail height and a simultaneous load of 100 pounds per linear foot applied vertically downward at the top of the guardrail.
c.  Handrails and guardrails shall be designed and constructed to resist a 200 pound concentrated horizontal load applied over a one square foot area at any point in the system.  Note:  The above loading shall not be applied simultaneously.
3.4.2     Materials
a.  All handrails and guardrails shall be minimum 16 or 14 gauge Galvanized Sq. Tube.
3.4.3     Design-30” Less Threshold
a.  Handrail required only.           
b.  Handrail gripping surface shall be smooth and continuous throughout ramp sections and landings.
c.  The handrail shall be 16 gauge 1 1/2 “, verticals to be 14 gauge Galvanized  1 ½ sq..  The top of the (upper) handrail shall be placed 34” to 38” above the walking surface.
 3.4.4    Design- over 30” Threshold
a If over 30” in Height, Guardrails shall form a protective barrier of a minimum of 42” high. Guardrails shall be designed such that a 4” sphere can not pass through any opening.
b. Guardrail horizontal to be 16 gauge 1 ½” Galvanized sq tubing. Verticals to be 14 gauge 1 ½” Galvanized sq. tubing.
c. Inside handrail to be attached to guardrail 34” to 38” above walking surface.  Materials – 1 3/8” 16 gauge round Galvanized tube, fastened with brackets. 

• Economical

• Steel Guardrails/ Handrails

• Low Maintenance

• Priced below Aluminum

• Steel is stronger, harder to damage or vandalize

• Guardrail/ Handrail material is galvanized with protective coating which maintains its shine for years to come

• Even though aesthetics are high, steel offers no incentive for theft
The TMP Galv-Alum Ramp is truly the ‘work horse’ of the industry. The Ramp is manufactured in same design as Aluminum with the additional advantages: